About Me

My photography was born out of my love of animals.  I've had animals throughout my life and find they make it much richer.  For many of us, animals are family members; much like children but with fur.  Unfortunately, most often these precious 'loved ones' don’t outlive us.  How wonderful to capture a timeless memory of them that we can enjoy long after they are gone.  My photography has brought joy and comfort to both my family and many others as our treasured friends pass on, leaving us with only the memories of the special journey we shared.  It makes such a difference to have a professional, studio-quality memory to remind us of the richness they brought to our lives.  In every photo session my goal and greatest joy is to hear a parent or a pet owner express that I’ve "captured the essence of their loved one".

I have a passion for photographing children and animals.  There’s something about both that makes it fun, yet challenging; which I very much enjoy.  On occasion, my three pound miniature lop bunny, Fuzziwig and Collie, Sophie have joined visiting children during their photo session.  Animals are the perfect ice breaker and help the shyest child forget about me and the portrait process.  I’ve been known to greet kids at the door with the bunny in my apron pocket, much to their delight.

It is with a grateful heart I give credit to the Lord, for the discovery of this passion I’ve found for capturing a special moment in time.  Without His tender guidance I know I wouldn’t have had the confidence to set out on such a journey and would have missed out on the joy of discovering and doing something I feel I was born to do.